Privacy Policy

ILMIOPOSTER is committed to safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of information entrusted to it, including any personal information (sometimes referred to as “personally identifiable information” or “PII”) collected through its websites. Your continued use of this website constitutes your agreement with this Privacy Policy and any subsequent updates.

Titolarità e responsabilità
Titolare del trattamento dei dati personali raccolti tramite questo sito web raggiungibile all’indirizzo è XPOSE MG S.r.l.s., iscritta presso il registro delle imprese di Roma al REA RM-1434154, C.F. 13266661001, in persona del proprio legale rappresentante pro tempore. Inoltre, i dati personali potranno essere trattati da soggetti nominati Responsabili sia interni che esterni, nonché da incaricati del trattamento preposti alla gestione del servizio richiesto.
Informazioni più dettagliate sui nominativi dei Responsabili del trattamento interni ed esterni potranno essere indirizzate scrivendo a

Purpose for Collecting Personal Information

On certain areas of its websites, XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. allows you to provide personal information so that we may fulfill your requests for information or otherwise allow you to interact with us. For instance, personal information may be used to fulfill your requests to facilitate our receipt and processing of your career-related inquiries.

What types of personal information is collected?

The personally identifiable information that may be collected might include your name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

In addition, XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. may collect certain types of information that you do not visibly enter, such as your IP address, browsing patterns on our websites, click stream data, and HTP protocol elements. This tracking information is stored in anonymous, aggregated and non-personal format, and is used to understand and analyze trends, to administer the websites, and to learn about user behavior on the websites.  However, XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. may use IP addresses to help identify you when XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. feels, in its sole discretion, that it is necessary to enforce compliance with this Privacy Policy, to protect its services, websites, systems, information, employees, business partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, users, customers or others, or when required by law or for law enforcement purposes.


ILMIOPOSTER may use cookies on our websites to improve performance and enhance your user experience. This policy explains generally how cookies work.

What are Cookies

A cookie is a small text file containing small amounts of information that a website puts on a user’s computer (or mobile device) when you visit a website and is used by the website to send information to your browser and for the browser to return information to the website. You can find more information about cookies at: and

For a video about cookies please visit:

The information your browser sends to one of our websites is used for authentication and identification of your session and allows us to display the correct information on the website. We match the cookie against your details so we can distinguish you from other users as you browse the site, which helps us to provide you with a good user experience. Most browsers enable a user to disable cookies. If you do so, however, this site may not function correctly.

Logging: we record and store details of the pages visited so that we can generate usage statistics. Except as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell or share any information gathered to other companies.

Cookie storage: This website uses cookies which are persistent and non-persistent (session-based). While many of the cookies used on this website only last for the duration of your use of this website (session-based cookies), other cookies are persistent, i.e., stay in one of your browser’s subfolders until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them.

What types of cookies may be used here?

First party cookies – First party cookies are set by the website you are visiting and they can only be read by that site.

Session cookies – Session cookies are used by the server to store information about user page activities so users can easily pick up where they left off on the server’s pages. These are temporary cookie files, which are erased when you close your browser, and when you restart your browser and go back to the site that created the cookie, the website will not recognize you. You will have to log back in (if login is required) or select your preferences/themes again if the website uses these features. A new session cookie will be generated, which will store your browsing information and will be active until you leave the site and close your browser.

Persistent cookies – Persistent cookies are employed to store user preferences. These files stay in one of your browser’s subfolders until you delete them manually or your browser deletes them based on the duration period contained within the persistent cookie’s file. For Information on session and persistent cookies, see “

Third party cookies – Third party cookies are set by a different organization to the owner of the website you are visiting. For example, the website might use a third party analytics company (e.g., Google Analytics) who will set their own cookies to perform this service.

What cookies does this website use?

A list of all the cookies used on this site by category is detailed below

For some of our cookies we use Google Analytics as a third party to provide us with web analytics and intelligence about our website. For further information on how Google collects and uses information on our behalf, please refer to the Google Policies & Principles page at; in general however, Google Analytics cookies are used to gather usage statistics only.

By continuing to use this website you give your consent for us to use cookies as detailed above. If the way we use cookies changes significantly (e.g. a new cookie being added with different functionality) we will inform you from the log in page. This detail will always be available to you from the navigation links at the bottom of all pages.

What if I don’t want cookies to be set?

By using our website you agree that we can place cookies on your device as explained above. If you want to remove existing cookies from your device you can do this using your browser options. If you want to block future cookies from being placed on your device you can change your browser settings to do this.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. will not transfer, disclose, sell, distribute, or lease your personal information to third parties other than as described in this Privacy Policy unless we have your permission or are required or permitted by law.  We may share such information with our affiliates as necessary to carry out the purposes for which the information was supplied by you.

Information Security

XPOSE MG S.r.l.s. has reasonable security policies and procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorized loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.

Despite XPOSE MG’s best efforts, however, security cannot be absolutely guaranteed against all threats. To the best of our ability, access to your personal information is limited to those who have a need to know.


If you have submitted personal information to XPOSE MG S.r.l.s., under most circumstances you have the right to reasonable access to that data to correct any inaccuracies. You can also make a request to update or remove information about you by contacting and we will make all reasonable and practical efforts to comply with your request, so long as it is consistent with applicable law and professional standards.